Monday, 15 September 2014

Movement trays 2

Some more images of the trays. Martin from Warbases now have these designs for sale.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Movement trays.

Martin at Warbases made me a few movement trays for 'Lion Rampant'. I wanted the cut outs to be slightly angled as I wanted a less ridged or ranked up look to these bases.
Below is a WIP image of my Anglo- Teutonic 1390/92 crusader
Army. This army will have a bit of everything.

X wing our star wars overload day!

Let me set the scene...Starwars sound track on... Derek who we are gaming with had painted the board, greeted us at the door with lightsaber and darkside robe. Finn aged 8 is disgusted with us. We are just not cool!

12 ships but only one destiny!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Henry Bolingbroke and the attacks on Vilnius

Henry Bolingbroke- later to be Henry IV spent the full year of 1390 supporting the unsuccessful siege of Vilnius by Teutonic Knights with his 300 fellow knights. During this campaign Henry Bolingbroke captured Lithuanian princes and then apparently took them back to England.

His second expedition to Lithuania in 1392 illustrates the financial benefits to the Order of these guest crusaders. His small army consisted of over 100 men, including Longbow archers and six minstrels, at a total cost to the Lancastrian purse of £4,360.Despite the efforts of Bolingbroke and his English crusaders, two years of attacks on Vilnius proved fruitless.

Above is the start of my English and Teutonic Allies. I plan two 24 point 'Lion Rampant' forces that can be allied together to create a large 48 point force. The English force will be Bolingbrookes expeditionary force with Archers and Knights. The Tuetonics will be mostly Knights with crossbow. All the figures are Claymore Castings that are perfect for 1390! 

Figures painted by Luife Lopez and myself.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Lion Rampant Roster Sheets.

The very kind people at Osprey Wargames have sent me a stack of 'Lion Rampant' blank
roster sheets. We will be giving these away with our Claymore Castings unit and army deals.
The above picture shows the front and rear.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Visit and chat

Jim Masson visited me at Claymore Castings HQ today. We had a good chat about the Lion Rampant rules. The discussion mostly focused on troop types, in particular the Archer stats. We agreed that the
Highland Archers would discard their bow and become warriors when needed, much like the professional English longbow archer. I'll give some thought to a special rule for them that would reflect this. Something that would make them a little more deadly in hand to hand, without making the bow too strong. The highland bow was still a warbow that was influenced by their Norse ancestry but not as powerfull as a an English or Scotts (lesser known) Ettrick warbow... I feel Anyway! Having said that, they were thought  to have stopped a schiltron at Harlaw. Any thoughts are welcome!

Jim also brought down his Highlander or Islemen, spear armed troops. He converted them from our axemen packs OT24 and 25. See image above. Clever stuff! The buckler shields or early targes were added as he feels that not every Highlander would carry a double handed axe or bow. A fare point, I'll look at this as an option for future releases.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Lion Rampant Rules

Well the Lion Rampant rules are here. I managed to pick them at at Partizan show on Sunday.
I'm well impressed with them and can't wait to get some games in.

I have been thinking about making the following 24 point army deals for Claymore Castings.

Scottish Schiltron Army 

1 units of Foot Men-at Arms 6 figures at 6 Points. Figures are a mix of OT34,15 and 14 Knights.

3 units of Foot Serjeants 36 figures at 12 points. Figures are a mix of OT1 Command and 2,3,4,5 Spear armed Scots (Supply your own spear)

1 unit of units of Fierce Foot (Highlander Allies) 12 figures at 4 points. Figures are a mix of OT,23,24,35 and 27.

I unit of Bidowers/Ribaulds 6 figures at 2points Figures are a mix of OT29 and 30.

English Army

1 unit of Foot men at Arms 6 figures at 6 Points. Figures are a mix of OT 14,15 and 34.

1 unit of  Expert Foot Serjeants 12 figures at 6 points. Figures are a mix of OT17,18 and 19 English Billmen.

2 units of Expert Archers 24 figures at 12 points. Figures are a mix of OT9 and 10.

 Islemen and Highlander army d

2 units of Foot Men-at Arms 12 figures at 12 Points. Figures are a mix of OT23,27 Command and 24,25 axe.

2 units of Fierce Foot 24 figures at 8 points. Figures are a mix of OT24 and 25 armed with axe.

1 unit of Archers 12 figures at 4 points. Figures are from OT28.

 French army 

2 units Mounted Men-at Arms 12 figures at 12 points. Figures are a mix of OT 20,21 and 22.

1 unit of Foot men at Arms. 6 figures at 6 Points. Figures are a mix of OT 14,15 and 34.

1 units of Crossbowmen. 12 figures at 4 Points. Figures are 3 X OT40. (Upgrade to Pavises 2points).

The new French Crossbow pack is here OT40.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Claymore Castings News

From 1st September Studio Miniatures will be carrying our full range of miniatures at trade shows and conventions as our official show representative.They will be attending:
  • Border Reivers in Newcastle 6th September,
  • Derby World Wargames in Castle Donnington 4/5th October,
  • Culloden Wargames Day in Culloden 11th October,
  • Fiasco in Leeds 25th October,
  • Crisis in Antwerp 1st November,
  • Targe in Kirriemuir 8th Novemember 
  • Recon in Leeds 6th December.

Anyone wishing to place a pre-order for collection at any of those shows should email the guys at